STRANGE BUT TRUE: Schmoedown Stats That Will Surprise You!


Wins and losses don’t always tell the whole story.

The tale that lies within those wins and losses can be just as compelling as the outcome. As unpredictable as the Schmoedown can be, trends and patterns emerge. Remarkable feats of consistency develop. Certain matches on their face seem ordinary when compared to others, when in fact those matches are actually better than we thought… when we take a closer look.

Yes, sometimes to truly appreciate this game we need to look beyond just the wins and losses and dig a little deeper to truly know just how awesome the Schmoedown is.

Here are some surprising stats about players and matches that you might not have ever thought twice about.

Singles League

John Rocha is the only player to have played in at least 5 matches in each of the past three seasons in the Collider Era (2016-2018).

Rocha was one of the very first players of this era to capture the essence of what the Schmoedown has become today. Pair that with his penchant for controversy and trivia knowledge it’s no mistake Rocha has been an integral part of the Schmoedown every season. In 2016 when the Schmoedown was coming onto the scene Rocha played in 7 matches earning a record of 5-2 with an accuracy rate of 73%. The following season he played in 5 matches with a record of 2-3 and an accuracy rate of 74%. Thus far in the 2018 season Rocha has played in 5 matches with an accuracy rate of 73%. His sixth match will come at Schmoedown Spectacular III. Speaking of the Spectacular, Rocha is the only player to play in the event all three years.

Kristian Harloff had a six match stretch where he was 4 for 4 in his round two questions.

This incredible run in his second round play started with his first match in the Collider Era and lasted until his match with William Bibbiani. In this six match stretch Harloff used multiple choice just five times over the 24 question span. Three times in this span he earned the maximum eight points by acing categories Action Adventure, Fantasy SciFi, and Scores & Soundtracks. Overall he earned 43 of the possible 48 points.

John Rocha has correctly answered his last 13 multiple choice questions correct. Overall he’s 13 of 14. His only miss came on his first attempt at multiple choice in his second career match against Josh Macuga.

This streak spans 14 matches and of those matches he used multiple choice in 12 of them. His record during this streak is 9-5 with a 2nd round accuracy rate of 88% and earning 76% of the points. And by utilizing multiple choice he was able to go 4 for 4 seven times.

Teams League

Clarke Wolfe had a run where she answered 7 of 8 questions in round one in 6 straight team matches between Wolves of Steel (3) and Shirewolves (3). Longest such streak of all time.

This feat started in her final three matches with Wolves of Steel and continued into her first three matches with the Shirewolves. During this time with both teams she has a record of 5-1.

Drew McWeeny has the best accuracy rate of all time for a teammate. In 9 matches (not including his Ironman match) he’s answered 70 of 82 questions for an accuracy rate of 85.37%

When you compare his Singles League stats, he has answered 77 of 108 questions for

an accuracy rate of 71.30% That’s a 14% difference. It’s not as if Drew’s 2nd round play in Singles drastically affects his accuracy in a negative way. In fact his accuracy in that round is 87.50%. However, his 1st round play in Singles is 62.50% compared to his 84.72% in Teams.

Ben Bateman has earned the most points of all time as a teammate in the Collider Era (2016-2018). In 14 matches he’s earned 103 points.

Bateman has played 10 matches as a member of Team Action where he has earned 72 points. Now he’s playing with Mark Reilly as part of Who’s The Boss. (It’s Mona. Everyone knows it’s Mona. I digress…) Bateman has earned 31 points in his last four team matches. That means he is contributing, on an individual basis, an average of about 7 points per match.

Innergeekdom League 

Rachel Cushing vs Eric Zipper, a round 2 match of the 2018 Innergeekdom Tournament, is the most accurate match of all time in the Innergeekdom with a combined player accuracy of 82.35%

This is a match that saw the first ever perfect accurate match in Innergeekdom play. Rachel Cushing went 17 of 17 in the match which included answering the bonus question in round one and successfully stealing two questions in the 2nd round. That performance helped lift the overall match accuracy to the top spot in spite of Eric Zipper’s accuracy rate of 64.71%

Hector Navarro vs Jeremy Jahns is the most accurate title match in Innergeekdom with a combined player accuracy of 82.22%

This match was Hector Navarro’s first title defense since winning it from Robert Meyer Burnett. Coming into this match Jeremy Jahns had won a Fatal Five Way and defeated Robert Meyer Burnett in a 1 on 1 match before he could take on Navarro. Despite Jahns having the higher accuracy rate of 84% (21 of 25) Hector Navarro, 80% (16 of 20), still came out on top.

Jay Washington has the lowest winning accuracy rate of 42.86% when he defeated Robert Meyer Burnett.

This match was Washington’s debut and it still remains his only win in the Innergeekdom League. Jay Washington would go on to lose his next two matches and produce an even lesser accuracy rate in his match against Emma Fyffe when he answered 42.11%

You might be surprised to learn that the second lowest accuracy rate to win an Innergeekdom match took place in one of the great all time matchups, when Rachel Cushing and Mara Knopic met in the tournament semifinals in which they had to go 11 questions deep into Sudden Death. Mara Knopic emerged with the victory and an accuracy rate of 51.61%


    • It pertains to when a teammate can score points on an individual basis. So, that would mean Round 1 and Round 3 questions.


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