Singles Tournament! Ethan Erwin VS Chance Ellison – Movie Trivia Schmoedown



On today’s episode of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, presented by Movies Anywhere, it’s the second match from round one of the 2018 Ultimate Schmoedown Tournament!

The Kid Chance Ellison has been making quite a noise since he moved up from the fan leagues to serve notice to the rest of the competitors in the Schmoedown. After his Team KO’s controversial win over Team Founding Fathers in the Anarchy Tag Team Tournament, Ellison wants to shock the world once again by taking down The Giant Ethan Erwin.

Erwin has been destroying his competition since he entered into the league with only Marc Andreyko being able to beat him. Will he add Ellison to his list of conquests and keep right on marching toward a #1 Contender’s spot?

We’ll find out today in another epic match from only the FIRST round of this tournament! Watch and see who will rise above today and into the second round of the tournament moving one step closer to possibly being the Schmoedown Singles Champion.

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