Singles Tournament! Clarke Wolfe VS Ben Bateman – Movie Trivia Schmoedown



On today’s episode of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, the first round of the 2018 Schmoedown Movie Trivia Singles Tournament continues with Ben “The Boss” Bateman taking on the The Classy One Clarke Wolfe.

Ben fought his way through the opening round qualifiers and has put himself in a position in this tournament to shock the world. He brings the Action Army in full voice behind him into this match.

However, taking on the Wolfe is no easy task. Clarke has been on a mini run herself with the success of tag team champions The Shirewolves and her own Singles performance. You know she wants to be one of those rare competitors who have both the tag team and the Singles belts at the same time.

This one is going to go to the end and you know both of these competitors want to come out on top so the mind games will be in full effect. See which of these two will be left standing at the end and move on to the next round of the competition!

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