SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: Who’s the Boss vs. The Harris Brothers – Who Ya Got?


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here previewing the conclusion of what has been several of the most exciting days ever seen in the Schmoedown Teams Division!

This is the Ultimate Schmoedown Anarchy Team Finals that will go for five rounds, with the winners earning the coveted team championship shot at the current Team Champions, The Shirewolves, in the Schmoedown Spectacular. These two teams have worked their way here with lots of excitement and hype surrounding around them. One is a group of mismatched personalities that found a way to become one of the fiercest teams in Schmoedown history, and the other is a top team that had to find someone to fill in for an injured competitor and were able to make it to this spot.

The road to the team title shot ends here as Ben Bateman and Mark Reilly of Who’s The Boss face Lon and Jonathan Harris of The Harris Brothers.

Before we look at these two teams, let’s recap their paths to the Finals.

For Who’s The Boss it began with their First-Round win over The Crazy Eighty-Greats in a match that went the distance, then they won in their Second-Round match that went the distance again against a strong team in The Cinemaniacs, then in the Semi-Finals they went the distance again and defeated KOrruption that kicked Mike Kalinowski out of his tournament. All three of their matches were mini-marathons that truly tested their teamwork and knowledge. Now they are here, having already proven their worth.

For The Harris Brothers, it first began as a strong superteam of Lon Harris and JTE as Evil Geniuses. They annihilated the Ricky Hayberg-led Wildberries in the First-Round, but after that, bad news struck this superteam hard. JTE was in an auto accident and couldn’t return to compete in the Schmoedown. That led to Lon inviting his brother Jonathan to fill in for JTE, creating The Harris Brothers. A team that had many fans of Evil Geniuses anxious; could they perform without JTE?

The brothers were able to put those doubts to bed when they went the distance and won over the strong Take The Cannoli team of Brianne Chandler and Drew McWeeny in the Second-Round, and again in the Semi-Finals against the strongly favored Odd Couple of Jeff Sneider and Marc Andreyko. They are a great team despite the substitution for the injured JTE, and they are seeking a title shot in the Anarchy Finals this Tuesday.

The Harris Brothers, with their combined intellect of classic films and recent masterpieces, are a team that many are already calling a superteam in the making. They don’t break a sweat with most categories they face. For Jonathan Harris, it’s amazing to debut very well in the middle of a tournament and against some of the best teams we have seen so far. This was a difficult task for Lon to find someone to fill in a huge gap in Schmoedown presence and expertise that JTE has. He has confidence that his brother Jonathan can fill in that huge gap, and boy did Jonathan help keep this team performing great in their last two matches.

For their match against Who’s The Boss, they need to keep playing the same great game and study on strategies for the betting and speed rounds. However, there is one significant flaw in The Harris Brothers. This is just an observation but since they are brothers, they could share similar taste in films. That could lead to similar gaps in knowledge that can be exploited.

From the post-match interview on Friday, Lon Harris lamented on the questions that he received from movies he considered mediocre or irrelevant. This is concerning because if questions come in categories that both brothers are not good in, then this could end quickly. The best hope is that the flaws one brother has could be covered by strengths from another brother. It all comes down to being able to know these questions and work it out together, plus some luck to go their way. Their best game needs to be in this match because their opponents are a powerhouse.

Who’s The Boss, in their run in this tournament, has evolved from a team of mis-fitted personalities, joined together by random drawing, to one of the finest powerhouse teams we have seen in this division. Granted their combined movie knowledge is amazing, but we did not know coming in whether this team will work and find a way to win considering their polarizing personalities: Mark Reilly’s superhero face persona that won multiple champions, Ben Bateman’s aggressive heel persona who wants to take it all, and their manager Finstock who’s devious scheming makes him a hard man to figure out.

Somehow and some way, they managed to overcome their personal obstacles to bond together as a team. Throughout their three victories, the team chemistry kept improving dramatically. Now in the Finals, they are working together as a unit.

It has been said multiple times recently, but it is worth repeating again: Who’s The Boss have become one of the most terrifying teams to face in the Schmoedown Teams Division. For them to earn the title shot against The Shirewolves, they need to keep running the same methods and teamwork that has kept them dominating against some of the best teams we have seen in this tournament.

The one question I would pose for this team if they manage to win Anarchy is this: which of the two factions represented in this team will share the victory? Between Mark Reilly’s Five Horsemen and Ben Bateman’s Action Army, it will be a dilemma on how that possible victory would be shared given their volatile history. That will also be made more difficult if they manage to take down The Shirewolves for the Team Championships.

This will be an interesting matchup between what is essentially a new team against a team-up of experienced competitors. For this five-round bout, Who’s The Boss edges out The Harris Brothers with experience in these matches coming from Mark Reilly, Ben Bateman, and manager Finstock.

Without a doubt, Who’s The Boss are the favorites to win the Anarchy Tournament and face The Shirewolves for the titles at Spectacular. That all depends however on the categories selected in both Rounds Two and Three. This tournament has given us some of the best moments to remember in this season of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, and it all ends this Tuesday as the misfit powerhouse takes on the brothers of scholarly intellects.

So… who ya got?


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