SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: Lon Harris vs. Ben Bateman – Who Ya Got?


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here as we continue the playoff gauntlet. We are now left with two competitors who will play in this crucial Singles Tournament Qualifier match to be in the open spot and face “Classy” Clarke Wolfe in the 1st Round of this year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. These two showed their might in their first matches of the day, but will these two bring it their all with what they have left in the tank?

We will find out as “The Professor” Lon Harris faces Ben “The Boss” Bateman.

Determined to climb back after facing a setback on his singles campaign to the current Singles Champion John Rocha, Ben “The Boss” Bateman played with intense focus against his opponent Jeannine “The Machine.” Despite falling a bit short in Round One, Bateman kept his focus and scored well with New Releases in Round Two and capitalized on Jeannine’s mistake with “Best Supporting Actress” instead of “Best Actress.”

It was this crucial steal that decided the match as Bateman put it away and ended Jeannine’s season, with his usual Round Three antics of stalling and then answering at the last possible second.

This next match for him will be a very interesting one as his opponent is part of the team that he and his partner Mark Reilly will face in the upcoming Anarchy Finals next week. For him to finally make his first Singles Tournament appearance, Ben needs to keep his movie knowledge and Movie Release Dates specialty up to par and avoid getting the hype into his own head.

The confidence he wears on his sleeve is there for everyone to see, so can he match it with another strong performance? He’ll have to, as his opponent is no one to underestimate.

After making it to the Anarchy Finals, “The Professor” Lon Harris turns his attention to the Singles Tournament. Despite saying that he should be the one to challenge the champion immediately, Lon brings his academic film intellect onto the stage against the popular veteran “The Wildman” Josh Macuga. Lon knew coming in that Macuga is the “upset specialist” who brought down some of the best competitors in several of his matches, so there was a sense of respect shared between the two.

After going perfect in Round One, Lon tripped up a bit before finding his footing with Crime movies in Round Two, though it would get uncomfortable when Macuga did good with Romance films. A mistake that Lon should be careful about; he chose that for Macuga via Opponent’s Choice.

Still, Lon did what he could in Round Three and won when “The Wildman” failed to capitalize on his strength of Charlie Sheen Movies, ending his season.

Lon Harris has been performing excellently in his singles campaign with his only loss coming in Sudden Death against the great rookie Ethan Erwin. He is now one step away from qualifying for the Singles Tournament, and that opponent is who he will face in the Anarchy Finals. If “The Professor” has done some research on his opposing team for next week’s match, then he has to have done research on “The Boss” as well. Like all scholars, Lon has to be prepared for what will come from Bateman’s knowledge and mental game plan.

Maintaining his composure (and having a better performance in this match than the first one) are the keys to Lon’s success. If he does well, then it’s possible that he can be a dark horse to go all the way and potentially win the title from Rocha. It will be amusing to see the scholar on top of the world giving everyone below assignments on films to write about.

As I said before, this is for certain the preview of what next week’s Ulitmate Schmoedown Anarchy Team Finals could be like. You have Ben Bateman from Who’s The Boss taking on Lon Harris of The Harris Brothers. This is a must-see match for those who are fans of these two teams.

Also, because this is a gauntlet these two will face their second match of the day. The question becomes this: which one will have more mental stamina left in the tank? That is what will determine the winner who will qualify for the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament and face Clarke Wolfe in the 1st Round.

Between these two competitors, Lon Harris will be the favorite, but if these two are still on top of their game, then expect this to be an exciting match as they definitely know their movies. The playoff gauntlet all comes down to this qualifier. Who will be the one to take the win going into the Anarchy Finals and to take that last tournament seed?


  1. I think Harris will win the gauntlet and have a very good chance at winning the whole tournament. I think the main obstacle for Harris will be Erwin. Since they’re on different sides of the bracket I would be surprised if they don’t end up in the finals together.

    It would be really cool if the website had polls to see how the fans think matches/tournaments will go.


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