SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: KOrruption vs. Who’s The Boss – Who Ya Got?


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview to the second Semi-Final matchup where the winner will advance to the Finals and face The Harris Brothers for the team title shot against The Shirewolves at the Schmoedown Spectacular.

This is an intriguing one for sure, where you have one team of mismatched components that have finally synched together to become one of the most dangerous teams to face, and another team of the tourney creator and his young hotshot who were able to take down the most powerful superteam albeit with some controversy.

Now, they are toe-to-toe in this Friday’s Semifinal that could be one of the highest scoring matches in the Teams Division. It is Reilly and Bateman of Who’s The Boss versus Kalinowski and Ellison of KOrruption!

In their 2nd Round, Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison were able to match power-for-power against the mighty Founding Fathers of John Rocha and Dan Murrell. In a climactic ending to that round of the tournament, every round ended in a tie between these two teams. What made KOrruption the winner was a somewhat controversial Sudden Death round.

While both guys got the answer technically right, with David O. Russell, Chance had it spelled as “David O’Russell.” Had spelling been counted as a higher priority than phonetics, then the match could’ve continued. Instead, KOrruption won and left John Rocha fuming off-stage.

Pushing that aside, you cannot deny that this is a legitimate team and probably the best team Mike Kalinowski has been a part of. His performance so far has been as great as it was with his former team D.C. Movie News, getting answers right and getting assistance where it is needed. The difference has been in the partner he has, and his partner has been on fire.

After making the jump from fan leagues of W.W.M.G. and Full Metal Trivia to the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, Chance Ellison showed that he is here to stay after his two matches so far. Any doubt of him trembling under the bright lights are fully extinguished. He was mightily strong with his movie knowledge back in the fan leagues, and now here, in the Schmoedown. With strong hyping support from manager Ken Napzok, as long as this team keeps their performances this high and keeps reinforcing their strong and weak spots then they will make this match competitive.

Despite suspicions of bias with Kalinowski getting his Innergeekdom title shot and Napzok getting his Star Wars title shot in the Spectacular, KOrruption is from top-to-bottom a mighty team and worthy opponents to the other team.

Initially there were concerns with how these two competitors and their manager would get along despite differing allegiances, but now they have shown in their two matches that they are not just a great team but a terrifying team to face as well. Mark Reilly and Ben Bateman of Who’s The Boss were able to put aside their differences in the past and focus on the matches in the Anarchy Tournament.

Their 2nd Round match against another disjointed team in Cinemaniacs proved that Who’s The Boss is a terrifyingly-great team. They kept pace with William Bibbiani and Matt Knost very well thanks to Movie Release Dates in Round Two and a strong showing in Round Three, to eliminate Cinemaniacs from the tournament.

After that match, both Reilly and Bateman remarked that they are a very impressive team together. That is what legitimized the team as the one to potentially win the entire tournament together. If it weren’t for them being separated as Reilly being face and Bateman being heel, we could’ve seen them team-up earlier this season. They have shown a team chemistry so strong that it could be on the level of Above The Line and The Patriots. The knowledge of movies combined along with Reilly’s specialty in Scores & Soundtracks and Bateman’s Movie Release Dates is what drives this team strong. As long as they maintain that team chemistry, they will go all the way.

Their manager Finstock has to be lucky that he has another strong team to assist, and he definitely helped to keep the bonds strong when he showed Reilly who actually stole his beloved dog Kal during the Collider Collision. As long as old grudges don’t appear above the surface, Who’s The Boss will be the team that should make others second guess their belief in defeating them.

Make no mistake, this match will go all the way withholding any kind of controversy. Both of these teams are worthy with the knowledge of movies they possess. However, Who’s The Boss will be the slight favorites with these two being more experienced than Chance. Regardless, Chance will put up another great performance.

Who’s The Boss is the byproduct of Kalinowski’s Anarchy, so can he and his partner Chance put down what he has created? We will find out as the Semifinals to the Ultimate Schmoedown Anarchy Team Tournament close with this epic matchup on Friday.


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