MY FAVORITE SLICE: Disney with Mark Donica!


Every week on My Favorite Slice, a Movie Trivia Schmoedown competitor shares their favorite category on the wheel! This week’s guest is Mark “The Enforcer” Donica from The Knights of Ken, an Innergeekdom Championship contender.

There are many categories in the other divisions that I think could pass in Innergeekdom, but I think the main culprit to me would be Disney. Disregarding Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, the cinematic history of the House of Mouse can be a tricky one when utilized in a trivia competition.

I consider the Disney category to be one of the great equalizers as well as a marker for the generational gaps between various competitors. Whether it’s the announcers confirming the category in round one or it rapidly approaching during the wheel round, I always enjoy seeing it come up for the previously mentioned reason. Even though it hasn’t come up too recently, I think a lot of viewers and competitors misrepresent a possible clutch category to have in their Schmoedown repertoire.

Recently the category came up as a 5 point question for Jeannine the Machine relating to the animated classic “Hercules”. This question presents the disparity of knowledge across the competitor base. The fact that this entry level question would be considered the final barricade to the biggest tournament IN ANY SPORT shows how deep the well of the knowledge can go. As a fan of Disney films and this particular era of animation, I’d be very happy if the level of difficulty remained this *ahem* high.

I’ve been a Disney fan all my life. I have a Disney Theme Parks Podcast that I host with my wife. Each question that gets asked in this category reminds me of a simpler time and the idea that thanks to this show we get to play and maintain the ability to be young at heart.

Think about the pantheon of films in the Disney library.

It has Musicals, Animation, Westerns, Action Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Directors, Oscar Winners, Iconic Scores, etc. The Disney category has enough variety in it to fill its own wheel!

Downplaying it or ignoring it could lead to big losses, so I think the true potential of the category has yet to be revealed in the Schmoedown.

If you think that the Schmoedown is “running out of questions”, just wait until the huge well of Disney gets unleashed.


  1. I desperately want to see Disney get more play. I love writing those questions. It pained me (no pun intended) as a Disney fan to classify the Hercules question mentioned in the article as a 5 pointer. To me, its a 2 pointer or 3 at best but knowing how much many competitors struggle in Disney and animation led me to making it a 5 pointer.

  2. Glad to hear from Mark Donica, he’s been silent since his loss to Kalinowski in the IG Tournament, with him not showing up with Ken during Korruption, I was wondering where he was.


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