MACHINE MONDAYS: Misty Knight Approved!


I was slightly surprised to discover that quite a few people didn’t know who I was portraying in my latest entrance against Ben Bateman. But to be fair, I myself didn’t know much about the character of Misty Knight prior to season one of the Marvel Netflix series, Luke Cage. Within a few episodes, she was my favorite character in the series and I was looking her up in my Marvel encyclopedia (#NERD).

Comics have Misty as a cop, turned private investigator, who lost her arm to a terrorist bomb, getting a new bionic arm from Stark Industries. Like the Marvel Netflix series, the comics see Misty in adventures with Luke Cage, Iron Fist And Colleen Wing. She’s usually seen in the color red, sporting a curly Afro, hoop earrings, boots and a holster.

I knew for this entrance I wanted to do something unique. I thought it would be cool to give a strong black female character the spotlight, so I started getting the elements together for the look. In a scene where she’s kicking ass with her new bionic arm, Misty is wearing a red shirt, jeans and black boots, all things I already had. Holster, hoops and wig were an easy order. I even had the wig trimmed and styled a bit. The biggest element was the arm.

I’m an artist, but making something like that, in the time I had, was beyond me. I had to get creative and put it together using different elements. I found a child’s ninja costume with a cyborg printed sleeve and plastic forearm piece. The whole costume was cheap so I got it and cut the sleeve off, then attached it with trusty black duct tape at the top. For the hand, I found an Optimus Prime child’s glove. It didn’t cover my wrist or the whole lower part of my hand so again, like the Rock In Skyscraper, duct tape, in silver this time, did the trick.

Crude assembly I know, but it actually came out pretty cool. As news of Luke Cage’s cancellation hit the web, I wanted to show some love to this awesome character, so I sent pictures of my Look, with outfit and hair, to the actress who portrays Misty Knight, Simone Missick.

To my surprise, she was very complimentary with the hashtag #SheGotMistyKnightRight! Cue “blushing” emoji.

Having so much fun with the Look was a big reason I felt so good going into the match. Once I heard the drums and the 70s funk style guitar of the Luke Cage theme, I felt like a badass of the highest order. I was dancing behind that curtain and with Jay as the perfect Luke Cage, it came out just how I wanted. Entrance costumes aren’t for everyone and that’s perfectly ok. But for me it adds so much fun and energy to my performance and the show. Can’t wait for more chances to showcase awesome characters!

– The Machine


  1. That’s bad ass. I can always find Machine Moment Monday’s (M3) now. I love these little nuggets of information. I think they are excellent promotion while giving some behind the scenes gold.

  2. Thank you I really appreciate that! I forgot to add in there how day of the match I ran around to 5 different stores to find Jay a yellow shirt. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to find a plain yellow T-shirt in big buff dude size. Lol


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