MACHINE MONDAYS: How Do You Like Them Apples?


So as it’s recently been announced that I will be competing against Chance Ellison at The Schmoedown Live Event In New York, I thought I’d talk about how I’m feeling.

When I was asked to compete in this undercard match, there was no way I could say no. Live is intense and an environment that breeds pressure. But this was an opportunity, win or lose, that I could not pass up. The potential for an epic entrance, in front of the community I came from is so exciting, not to mention a possible win at that level would be incredible. If nothing else just to have the experience would be something special.

I have no intention of sleeping on Chance’s skills. He got plucked out of the fan world for a reason. But so did I. I’ve broken even in singles but my losses weren’t shameful by any means. My opponent hasn’t proven much without a vet by his side. Maybe he’ll prove it live in front of an audience, maybe not. I can only focus on what I know.

I know my excitement outweighs my anxieties. I know I want to have fun. And I know I wanna go “full machine” and just go for it with every aspect of the game. I know my strengths, weaknesses and what I need to work on. And I know Chance’s. Most importantly for me, I know I have an awesome support system to keep the positivity going.

I’d like to think that over this past season and through these few “Machine Monday” articles, you’ve gotten to know me as “The Machine” but also as just Jeannine. I’ve expressed insecurities and fears here. But I’ve also expressed how important it is to me to embody all aspects of the game. How, along with the trivia, the theatrics are a big part of what gives me confidence, so I hope that while, yes nerves will be involved, you ultimately know that my goal, as a fan and someone who loves all elements of the Schmoedown, is to give you guys a good show.

See you in the Big Apple! (Winking kiss emoji)

– The Machine


  1. I can’t wait. I love Chance but I am backing you 100% Jeannine! Your personality is going to shine at the live event. If only it were in the UK!

  2. Hey Jeannine,
    Congrats on being chosen to come to NYC! And NO DOUBT you will show up and kick even more ass. It’s gonna be a helluva match in NYC and I’m thrilled that I get too see you both perform to the best of your abilities. Gotta feeling that IF, the wheel doesn’t go in your favor, good things are gonna happen for you. Shit, your overdo for some good luck!!!
    IF I may, being a fan first, then coming in, what was the biggest, either difference or adjustment you had to make? Was it the lights? The people watching in-studio, (some even commenting, groaning, booing etc., like when certain questions are asked they think is easy, yet you’re not familiar with it, and the like) ?
    Congrats again to you on this epic and special invitation to be a part of the 1st ever LIVE Schmoedown in NYC! It’s gonna be a helluva weekend!!

    • It’s all very intimidating at first. The lights do play a part in that. Getting used to being the focus. But like I’ve been trying to teach myself over the course of the season is just to remember to have fan and I know what I know and that’s all I can do. Thank you for the comment!

  3. I think it’s so awesome to have two fans-turned-competitors go head-to-head live! I’m sure Jay and Stacy will have tons of advice. Your entrances have been so good, I can’t wait to see what you do live. Machine Mondays are awesome!

  4. I’m actually rooting for The Machine over Chance. She’s now become a frequent competitor who gives it all. I’m not knocking Chance, but his rise has been somewhat motivated by the story.

  5. I think Chance knows his stuff. He proved that to me when he played a nail biter with Erwin…..HOWEVER, I don’t believe Chance is ready for the Live crowd. And I don’t think he’s played anyone yet, one on one, that intimidates like THE MACHINE does. With that said, CHANCE IS GOING DOWN.
    Jeannine for the win!

  6. Jeannine all the way! I have really enjoyed watching your road through the Schmoedown this year. It feels like you’ve been around forever!


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