FROM THE ASHES OF ANARCHY: Five New Teams We Could See Next Season!


At the beginning of Anarchy, we saw the creation of new and exciting Schmoedown teams. Now that the tournament is over, it looks like Who’s the Boss, the Harris Brothers, the Founding Fathers and KOrruption are among the teams that will continue to play next season. However, the conclusion of Anarchy has also left a number of players without partners.

In this article, I’ll match up some of these free agents and pitch some new teams that could compete come the start of next season, and conclude with a pitch for a big character turn that I hinted at in my ANARCHY FOREVER article.

JTE and Andrew Ghai

Ben Bateman’s success with Who’s the Boss has left Andrew Ghai without a partner, and while there were hints that Ghai might turn face, it would surely be more fun if the Schmoedown took his heel persona even further. How? By partnering him with perhaps the most successful heel in the history of the league, JTE.

This would be one of the most exciting partnerships that the Schmoedown has ever seen: imagine the pre-game interviews! The post-game interviews! The in-game trash talk! And more than that, I feel that they would compliment each other’s games, hopefully facilitating a run that would allow them to play their rivals, and perhaps even their former teammates.

JTE and Ghai would be a mouth-watering team, and if you were looking for a team that they could face for their first match, you could do a lot worse than…

Matt Knost and Jason Inman

With the news that Critically Acclaimed will be fighting a #1 contender match, we have the confirmation of what seemed likely: the breakup of the Cinemaniacs. This leaves Matt Knost without a partner, and after he proved to be one of the standout entertainers of the Anarchy tournament, he will hopefully be back in action soon.

When it comes to selecting a team partner for Knost, we must surely look to his stable. Of the Five Horsemen, Jason Inman is the most available, and shares something of a similar team career to Knost. Both were seen as the support player in teams that either fought for or won the title.

As a pair, I suspect they might exceed expectations and prove some doubters wrong. More importantly, their partnership looks like guaranteed entertainment: both have a good line in a sharp putdown. If the Five Horsemen survive into Season 6, Knost and Inman are a good bet to play together.

Marc Edward Heuck and Rosie Knight

The continuation of Critically Acclaimed means that Knost isn’t the only free agent in the Schmoedown. Despite impressing in his debut, Marc Edward Heuck is without a teammate. I spent a fair amount of time pondering who to match him up with, and was initially going to suggest Ethan Erwin (who I’ll discuss next). However, I feel that Heuck needs a player that contrasts with him.

Browsing the list of Schmoedown free agents, Rosie Knight’s name stuck out. She has yet to impress with her trivia prowess, but she has proved herself on the mic. She looks like she might be a standout player in the future, and with Heuck at her side, Knight would be given the chance to take the Schmoedown by storm. It’s an odd combination, yet I think it works.

Stacy Howard and Ethan Erwin

A team that seems very likely to form, both Stacy Howard and Ethan Erwin are managed by Jay Washington and are without a teammate. You do the maths.

The pair seem ideally suited to each: Howard is a big game player, better than the average Schmoedown player with the ability to pull off the occasional upset. Her game is only missing consistency, and that is what Erwin provides. “Big Time” has never had a bad game, and his name seems to have already been added to the list of future champions. He lacks only the flair that a partnership with Howard would provide.

Not an obvious partnership, perhaps, but one that is facilitated by their common manager. Given the chance to prove it, I suspect they might be perfect for one another.

Scott Mantz and Mike Carlson

It’s been a torrid season for Scott Mantz. He’s gone 0-3, and brought his singles record to 2-5, from which he is unlikely to recover anytime soon. That said, his skills have never been in doubt and in his loss to Ben Bateman, Mantz put in a solid performance, pushing one of the season’s best players to the limit. Without a teammate or a singles career to return to, things look bleak for “The Mantzman”. So, where next?

As one of the Schmoedown veterans, the best way for Mantz to revitalise his Schmoedown career would be by teaming up with an exciting new player. Enter Mike Carlson. “The Answer Man” has been an immediate hit with fans, despite having only played two Innergeekdom matches. Carlson has expressed his desire to play in ‘the main one,’ and as a player clearly more concerned with playing an entertaining character than with winning. Mantz and Carlson represent opposite ends of the energy spectrum, and I would enjoy nothing more than the combination of Mantz’s manic energy and Carlson’s dislike of having to expend the energy even to spin the wheel.

And those are our five new teams. However, I have one further suggestion to make, based on some left-field storyline speculation:

Andrew Ghai and the Horsemen

My Ghai and JTE combination is based on the assumption that, without Bateman, Ghai continues to play as a heel. However, after “Dastardly” was defeated by John Rocha, he presented himself a quieter, less aggressive character, even going so far as to wear the glasses he wore in Action’s match against Nerd’s Watch, in which Bateman and Ghai were faux-faces in front of their mothers.

There’s a sense that, as a heel, Ghai has no way of topping himself. His run this season has been remarkable, and while I argue that a partnership with JTE would do the trick, if the Schmoedown storywriters disagree with me, a face turn is probably coming for Ghai. This would set him in opposition to his former Action teammate, perhaps needing to find a teammate with whom to take down “The Boss.” Could it be that Ghai might form an alliance with the Horsemen? After all, they may have a similar issue: Bateman’s teammate is Mark Reilly, a member of the faction.

Could it be that the Horsemen and Ghai see common cause in their need to topple Reilly and Bateman (especially if Who’s the Boss hold the team titles)? It would make for an irresistible storyline, and the Schmoedown loves flying in the face of our expectations. That Ghai is so unlikely to align with the Horsemen is exactly why it could happen. This is the sort of explosive storyline that could light up the Schmoedown next season.

Let me know what you make of these new teams: which ones get you excited? Who would you match up foe next season? Drop a comment below.


  1. Some good suggestions. However, I really want to see what Lon and JTE can do as a team. Granted Lon and Jon Harris are a very good team and Jon will only get better with the rules and strategy. But Lon and JTE could be a monster team.

  2. Never thought of that Howard/Erwin combo but it makes perfect sense and has a real potential for a killer run in the league.

  3. I’m interested in the Ghai and Horsemen storyline. If Ghai does turn babyface and asks the Horsemen for help to bring down Bateman (If Who’s the Boss becomes champion), I wonder who he’ll pick. Will it be Rocha? A former tag team champion with experience in winning in the teams division. Or will it be Murrell? The former teams partner of Reilly to counteract Reilly’s veteran Knowledge. However, who’d play as their “Homeless Vagrant” since the talent is Ghai?

  4. I am surprised to hear those teams will continue, especially Rocha and Dan. I never thought Rocha would leave Knost. I like your idea of Stacy giving Ethan more flair. Ms. Movies definitely had that effect on the Godfather. I was hoping that Lon and Dan would have been teammates since they work at SJ. Or JTE and Lon. But overall we REALLY need to see Lon vs Dan/

  5. If Ben and Andrew split permanently, I will cry. Literally cry! (No, seriously, I won’t, but I won’t be happy!)

  6. howard and erwin sounds like a great idea.
    i would like to see mantz on a team where he is not the best player on the team.
    i love scot mantz but he has his bad days i think he would ba a great wingman for a top player.
    mantz and andrayko could be a great team (if the android will not stick with jeff)

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