CONTROVERSY HALL OF FAME: The Freddie Prinze Jr. Rule!


What could be worse than not being awarded a point when a competitor answered a correct answer? Having a competitor being awarded a point for an incorrect answer, sending the match into Sudden Death, and winning the match when the opponent should have won.

On December 20, 2016, Team Force Bros, Sam Witwer and Freddie Prinze Jr, took on Team Council, John Campea and Ken Napzok, in the first Star Wars Schmoedown match.

By the seventh question in Round One, Team Council was in the lead 12-9, despite Sam having a perfect Round One. The last question was “Fill in the missing word: You slimy, double-crossing, no-good ______. You’ve got a lot of guts coming here, after what you pulled.”

Freddie wrote down “Nerf herder” while the correct answer was “Swindler.” Kristian got confused thinking that Freddie had the correct answer and awarded him a point.

No one noticed this error, and the match continued into Sudden Death.

The Force Bros ultimately won, but if someone had caught Kristian’s error during the match, Team Council would have won with a one point lead in Round Three. Fans pointed it out to Kristian and demanded that John and Ken should be declared the winners to correct his mistake. However, the former Commissioner stated that since it wasn’t revealed during the match, The Force Bros were the official winners. This didn’t make Team Council happy and they declared they wanted a live rematch at Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

On April 15, 2017, a five-way, championship Star Wars match took place with John Campea, Ken Napzok, Jeremy Jahns, Jenny Nicholson, and Sam Witwer. Freddie Prinze Jr was not available to go to Celebration, but he did wish Sam luck over the phone. The match was intense, but it ended with John and Ken eliminating the other three competitors and going into Sudden Death. While Ken won the match in the end, Team Council scored two more points than Sam Witwer, ending the debate about this controversy.

Fans might not realize how much Freddie affected the Schmoedown. In the Season Four premiere, the Round One rules introduced “The Freddie Prinze Jr. Rule.” From then on, answers must be written down and, when asked, competitors must reveal their written answers to the judges.

This rule continued to create two more passionately debated controversies within the Schmoedown in 2018. Had there been no controversy on December 20, 2016, would “The Jane Fonda Incident” or “David O. Russell Incident” even exist?

The Schmoedown world may never know due to “The Freddie Prinze Jr Rule.”


  1. That was a great match! Can’t believe it was two years ago.
    I love the idea of a Controversy Hall of Fame! Can’t wait to see more articles on the subject.

  2. While it obviously should have been a Council win, I’m so glad the point was given as it gave us that amazing moment in Sudden Death where Sam basically used the Force to get the right answer with not even half the question read


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