ANARCHY FOREVER: Which Anarchy Teams Have a Future in the Schmoedown?


Anarchy has wrapped up, and Who’s the Boss have taken the tournament. A title match against the Shirewolves awaits them at Spectacular. But what about the other runners and riders? Having been thrown together for the tournament, some players have found new teammates, while others are surely keen to return to their former partners.

In this article, I’ll break down each Anarchy team, assess their chances of continuing as a team next year, and provide their tournament highlight. Ready? Let’s go!


THE CRAZY EIGHTY-GREATS (Haleigh Foutch and Eric Zipper)
1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 40%

Of all the teams that I don’t think will be staying together next season, The Crazy Eighty-Greats might be the biggest missed opportunity. Both Foutch and Zipper are the strongest members of their original teams, so pairing them up made for a stronger duo than either World’s Finest or Scream Queens. This is reflected in their accuracy rate: the pair scored 68% in their loss, a number that only the Self Righteous Brothers bettered in a first round defeat. Had they not been playing the eventual tournament winners, Who’s the Boss, this might have been enough to earn the Crazy Eighty-Greats a victory.

The problem that the pair have is that, with a 0-1 record, there is little reason for Zipper and Foutch to stick together. The Scream Queens have a 2-0 record, while World’s Finest played a #1 Contender match this season. Yet in both of those teams, Zipper and Foutch have somewhat carried their partners, and are unlikely to win a title. If this is the end of the Crazy Eighty-Greats, it’ll be a shame (especially for Foutch, who is surely one of the Schmoedown’s future stars), but a first round defeat means that it is hard to see a future for them together.

Anarchy Highlight: The Crazy Eighty-Greats had hit their two and three point questions in round 3, they found themselves needing to hit their 5 point question to give keep their hopes alive. The question: In Wonder Woman, Danny Huston played the role of Ludendorff. What other comic book film has he appeared in? The answer that Harloff and Napzok have in front of them is X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but Foutch had a better answer: 30 Days of Night.

Having beat the Schmoedown question writers by  finding another answer, Foutch takes a moment to delight in the pull, exclaiming: Fuck your system! When Reilly misses his two point question, the Crazy Eighty-Greats looked like they might pull off the comeback, and while it wasn’t to be, Foutch gave the team hope for one joyful moment.

FRANCHISE FORCE (Ethan Erwin and Sabina Graves, Manager: Jay Washington)
1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 10%

In amongst many great Anarchy teams, there never seemed to be much of a reason for Graves and Erwin to be together. So much about their match against the Cinemaniacs says that Franchise Force won’t stick around: from Washington’s mid-game arrival to Erwin’s post-game absence, the pair didn’t seem to complement each other especially well. Their troubles started in the first round, where Graves was only able to put up three points, and the match ended in a TKO loss. In the postgame, Graves suggests that she is happy with Superhero News, while Washington announced that he would be managing Erwin for the rest of the season. The two are clearly on different paths, and are unlikely to play together again.

This leaves Erwin without a partner, and he won’t be the only one. As this article progresses, I’ll be noting the players that look like they’ll be without a partner. (Look out for a follow up article in which I’ll discuss some of the new teams that might emerge after this tournament!)

Anarchy Highlight: After their head-to-head at the Free For All, it was great to see Erwin continue his battle with Bibbiani in the first round. Here, Bibbs came away with a narrow edge, hitting the bonus question that Erwin missed after both players had perfect first rounds. Expect a singles match between the two at some point!

INKY AND THE BRAIN (Devon Stewart and Rachel Silvestrini, Manager: Jack Hind)
1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 90%

After the Kingsmen started their Schmoedown career with back-to-back losses, it seems pretty clear that Inky and the Brain has been created as an evolution of that team, and one that will continue to play in the Schmoedown. Indeed, the Kingsmen are both still involved, with Hind managing Stewart and Silvestrini.

While the pair had a poor first round in their match against KOrruption (putting up a woeful 5 points), by the end of the match they were in a position to put some pressure on Kalinowski and Chance, with only a slip of the tongue on an Andre 3000 answer halting their momentum. The pair deserve the benefit of the doubt over their Round 1, as they seemed to warm up as the match went on.

It’s worth taking a second to discuss Silvestrini, who looks like she will become a more involved player for the Schmoedown next season. She spoke about her love of the show on the Schmoedown Rundown, and her two vital steals in the second round suggest she might be a better player than Inky and the Brain’s performance seemed to indicate. The pair will almost certainly stick together, as Hind indicated in the post-game interview. Is it too soon to suggest that they play the Wildberries?

Anarchy Highlight: This is an easy pick: Stewart’s second round joy at spinning Will Smith, a category in which he went 6/6, dragging Inky and the Brain back into a the match.

SEB’S (Scott Mantz and Sean Gerber)
1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 15%

On paper, this team made a lot of sense. Gerber was to be, to Mantz, what Inman had been: a calming influence designed to get the best out of the Mantzman. In the pre-game interviews Gerber was clearly excited about playing with a legend of the Schmoedown but when it came down to it, Mantz let Gerber down. A three point round 1, a failure in his chosen round 2 category of Classics, and a miss on a round 3 question that Gerber felt Mantz should know all added up to a poor performance that has surely ended any future for Team Seb’s.

Gerber, a player that has impressed me a lot this season, will likely return to Superhero News, while Mantz is another name to add to our growing list of players without teams. While Trek will surely play again someday, they also seemed to be one of the teams that Anarchy was designed to quietly shelf for a while (see also: Top 10). Inman is now part of the 5 Horsemen, so Mantz might be in search of a new partner.

Anarchy Highlight: On the final question of what had proved to be a disastrous round 2 spin for Seb’s, Mantz turns to Gerber and asks him: Do you know? Gerber, deadpan, reminds Mantz: I wanted to spin again. He brings the house down, and quite right too.

THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS (Witney Seibold and Mark Heuck, Manager: Jonny Loquasto)
1 Defeat
Odd of Staying Together: 50%

A 31 point loss. That’s the story of the Self-Righteous Brothers, and it makes their future hard to predict. Seibold and Heuck are clearly a talented pair, and together they managed to push Take the Cannoli to the edge, but it wasn’t enough. Had they taken this loss in the second or third round of the tournament, it would be easier to say that they will definitely stick together.

As it stands, despite the fact that Seibold has an established team to which he could return, this one could go either way. Harloff has said repeatedly that he is a fan of the Self-Righteous Brothers, and that he wants to see them play more, while both Seibold and Heuck seem keen to give things another crack. But Seibold is equally likely return to Critically Acclaimed who, at 3-1, are knocking on the door of a title shot, but for now, his future seems to be with Heuck, who is one of the most exciting rookies to watch out for next season. If you push me to fall on one side, I’d stay they stick together, but it’s a tough one.

Also, someone get Witney a singles match. Seriously.

Anarchy Highlight: Definitely their entrance. I’d always assumed that Bibbiani was the creative force behind the Critically Acclaimed’s entrances, but Seibold showed himself more than capable of pulling off the theatrics without the help of his partner. The idea to introduce Heuck as some mystic figure, summoned from darkness, helped to set the tone for their incredible performance in the match.

WAIT, I KNOW THIS (Stacy Howard and Winston Marshall, Manager: Coy Jandreau)
1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 20%

While Howard and Marshall had good chemistry together, and certainly put on an entertaining show in their live match against the Founding Fathers, the simple fact of the matter is that Marshall did not perform well enough to suggest that he will be playing with Howard again.

Despite a nice moment in which he was the only person to get a Shrek question right in round 1, that was the only question that Marshall got, compared to Howard’s six. It essentially killed their chances, which weren’t helped when Marshall missed what I’d consider to be an easy 2 point question in the third round.

That being said, this match proved that, despite having struggled to find wins in the Schmoedown, Coy Jandreau has a place in the competition: as a manager. His opening monologue was fantastic, as was his support for his team in the post-match interview.

While Marshall will probably return to Superhero News and Howard will likely look to form a new team, Schmoedown competitors could do a lot worse than to pick up Jandreau as their manager.

Anarchy Highlight: Coy’s open shirt, obviously.

WAR MACHINE (Jeannine the Machine and Brian Walton, Manager: Jay Washington)
1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 70%

Despite losing their only tournament match by TKO, War Machine is a team that I think will stick together. Walton fits in with Washington’s faction, and proved that he has trivia potential, having outscored Jeannine in round 1.

The Machine didn’t have a teammate going into the tournament, and this season has proved her worth in the Schmoedown, having come close to pulling off big upsets in her last two singles matches. Walton looks the perfect partner for her, going forward.

Anarchy Highlight: Walton’s mad energy in the pre-game interview, coupled with Jeannine’s and Washington’s attempts to hold in their laughter, announced a competitor that definitely has a future in the league.

THE WILDBERRIES (Josh Macuga and Eliot Dewberry, Manager: Ricky Hayberg)
1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 100%

Do we need to discuss this? Of course the Wildberries are sticking together. As Dewberry put it in the pre-game: Like a disease, you can’t get rid of the Wildberries. They were, as ever, entertaining but terrible. On the plus side, a loss means that their next opponents will be easier, and the addition of Hayberg as their manager can only increase their own brand of madness.

Anarchy Highlight: The pre-game cut-scene is probably the pick of the bunch (get it? Like how you pick berries? Like Wildberries? Ha.), in which Hayberg reunites with his former teammate, and reveals his Wildberries shirt, to much screamed euphoria on the part of the Wildberries.

1 Victory (TKO)
Odds of Staying Together: 0%

Obviously, this team won’t be sticking together; in fact, they’ve already broken up. JTE’s injury ruled him out of the tournament, and since The Harris Brothers went on to reach the finals, it’s hard to see the Evil Geniuses playing together in the immediate future.

Here’s the interesting thing: during their run to the finals, the Harris Brothers have an accuracy rate of 82%, compared to the 91% that the Evil Geniuses put up while defeating the Wildberries. It might be that, with JTE at his side, Lon Harris could have had an even better tournament than he has had with his brother Jon.

On top of this, had the Evil Geniuses won the same matches that the Harris Brothers did, they would have met the Odd Couple in the semi-finals, where JTE would have faced his former team partner Jeff Sneider. I’ve enjoyed the Harris Brothers, but Schmoedown fans will always have to wonder what might have been had JTE not been injured.

Of course, this leaves JTE without a partner. He’s the best free-agent around when it comes to teams: his 13-3 team record is the best in the league.

Anarchy Highlight: From the pre-game interview:

JTE: Listen, I am not just your partner, I am an ex-champion, okay?
Harris: You know, a distinguished colleague, a fellow faculty member.
JTE: Yeah I went to college what does that have to do with it?

This exchange encapsulates the appeal of the hilarious partnership between Harris and JTE. It’s a shame we couldn’t have seen more of it.


CINEMANIACS (William Bibbiani and Matt Knost, Manager: Emma Fyffe)
1 Win (TKO), 1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 50%

This is an odd one. On the one hand, outside of the game, Knost and Bibbiani played up their displeasure at working together. Perhaps more than any other team, the clash of their two styles made for the most entertaining moments of the tournament. On the other hand, when it came to playing the game, the pair functioned as a team. Much as he was for Top 10, Knost was the support player on the Cinemaniacs, putting up two 5 point round 1 performances and contributing in round 2. Their TKO over Franchise Force and their loss to the eventual winners Who’s the Boss were impressive. But will they continue as a team?

Well, ordinarily, you wouldn’t bet on it. However, as mentioned above, The Self-Righteous Brothers might continue as a team, which would leave Bibbiani without a partner. At the same time, Rocha is currently playing with Murrell, leaving Knost in the same boat as his Cinemaniacs teammate. If both men find themselves without a partner, there’s a chance they might give this team another shot (although without Fyffe, who obviously won’t leave the Shirewolves).

Personally, I would welcome this. There’s clearly a lot more that we could see from this team: I had the hardest time picking just one of their highlights from the tournament. Ultimately, if neither has a teammate, I suspect Harloff will want them to continue, since there is more story and entertainment to be had from them.

Anarchy Highlight: As mentioned above, it’s hard to pick just one for the Cinemaniacs, because the contrast in the playing style of Knost and Bibbiani is something that the pair capitalized on to produce moments of hilarity. If pushed, I have to go for their entrance to their round 2 match against Who’s the Boss, in which Bibbiani and Emma see the fun they are having ruined when Knost deflates their ball. Maybe the best encapsulation of why this team perfectly represented the fun to be had with the Anarchy tournament.

FOUNDING FATHERS (John Rocha and Dan Murrell)
1 Win (TKO), 1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 90%

It’s no surprise that the Founding Fathers were the headline team in the live event match that opened this tournament. Rocha and Murrell are perhaps the most important members of the Five Horsemen, and the Founding Fathers is the faction’s flagship team. Between them, they have five separate title reigns across two divisions, and, aside from the Self-Righteous Brothers, they have the highest Anarchy accuracy rate of the teams that didn’t make the finals.

This team isn’t going anywhere.

In fact, a lot of the major events of this season have been constructed to allow Rocha and Murrell to play together. The formation of the Five Horsemen was an end to the Rocha/Murrell rivalry, while Anarchy was a way to quietly break up Top 10. After their storied history, everyone wanted to see Rocha and Murrell play together, so after two matches, you can be pretty sure it isn’t over. I expect the pair to keep playing until they get a shot at the team belt, at the very least. And if I were booking matches, I’d schedule a Founding Fathers vs Cinemaniacs match, maybe even as the lead-in to Spectacular.

Anarchy Highlight: I didn’t speak about the post-game interview that the Founding Fathers gave after their loss to KOrruption in the main body of this, because that moment belongs firmly in the highlight section. After a controversial sudden death loss, Rocha and Murrell poured their hearts out in their interview with Jenn Sterger. Whatever you make of the circumstances of the Founding Fathers’ loss, this was a powerful moment. Here we saw the passion for the game that makes the show matter. Murrell’s support of his friend was especially touching. This was, if it was ever needed, a reminder of why we love the Schmoedown.

THE PADDINGTON 2 (Matt Atchity and Alonso Duralde)
1 Win (TKO), 1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 90%

This team is another case where Anarchy was used to bring a quiet end to a team that had reached its natural conclusion. Atchity’s run with Grae Drake is over, and Alonso Duralde is here to replace her. The pair have spent a lot of time working together on What the Flick, and this chemistry has clearly carried over: an easy win over Machine, followed by a narrow loss to the Odd Couple, suggests that The Paddington 2 are here to stay.

Including Duralde in a tournament format was a smart idea. His appearance in the first Free For All demonstrated his obvious potential, but Duralde has yet to get a serious run in the Schmoedown. Here, you could tell that he was invested in the Schmoedown, that he cared. In their match against the Odd Couple, his relief when Atchity hits the two point question is obvious.

Only defeated by the very slight phonetic difference between Brunhilda and Broomhilda, this is a team that you can expect to see in 2019.

Anarchy Highlight: Duralde’s 11 point turn in the Holiday Movies round 2 category was the first time that we were really allowed to see the strength of this team. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough to defeat the Odd Couple, but it was more than enough to suggest that this might be a team that harbours title aspirations next season.

TAKE THE CANNOLI (Brianne Chandler and Drew McWeeny, Manager: Markeia McCarty)
1 Win, 1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 80%

My pick to win the whole tournament, Take the Cannoli is obviously a powerhouse team. McWeeny is one of the best team players in the league, and while Chandler hasn’t had the singles success of McWeeny’s former partner, she has perhaps a more diverse base of knowledge, which complements McWeeny.

In fact, Chandler was key in Take the Cannoli’s record-equalling victory over the Self-Righteous Brothers. Her second round steals in the Julia Roberts category demonstrated why Take the Cannoli might be the most dangerous round 2 team in the Schmoedown: it’s hard to imagine the pair have a combined blind-spot.

Take the Cannoli are obvious title candidates, and with McCarty as their mouthpiece, the pair are already the finished article. A surprise second round loss to the Harris Brothers halted their title run, but hopefully next season will see Take the Cannoli make a serious run for the belts.

The only doubt is Chandler, who has understandably been in and out of competition this season. However, as McWeeny tells her in their post-game interview: You’d better be back. And, when they do, here’s hoping they play KOrruption, as part of the ongoing opposition that Chandler has with the likes of Kalinowksi and Thadd.

Anarchy Highlight: The moment that Take the Cannoli arrived as a proper team was their entrance against the Harris Brothers. Not only is this the first time that McWeeny has taken part in a proper showy entrance, but it was also really good! Chandler has always been one of the very best at the showmanship of the Schmoedown, but to get McWeeny to join in is seriously impressive. And really looks the part! I didn’t think that Take the Cannoli could find a way to top the accomplishments of Above the Line, but this entrance proved me wrong.


KOrruption (Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison, Manager: Ken Napzok)
2 Wins, 1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 75%

The only barrier to this team continuing to play together next season are the potential story permutations that might take place during Spectacular. How will KOrruption resolve/develop? All that aside, the effectiveness Kalinowski and Chance’s partnership is surely one of the better surprises of the tournament.

KOrruption’s run peaked with an upset victory over the Founding Fathers, and while they found themselves comprehensively beaten by Who’s the Boss in the semi-finals, a look at the numbers put up by this team shows how impressive they were. Both members of KOrruption went toe-to-toe with the greats of the game and came out equal to them. Chance and Kalinowski were both able to tie the round 1 performances of Rocha, Murrell, Bateman and Reilly, who between them have 7 title reigns.

The standout of this team was Chance, who just edged Kalinowski out on personal accuracy rate (75% to 74%). In his first match, he scored a 7 point round one, only to be booed when he missed a single question. To not only cope with that pressure, but to excel when faced with it, is one of the reasons that Chance is a future Schmoedown superstar. I might even take him to beat Erwin in the singles tournament…

To complement all of this, the pair are managed by the best mouthpiece in the league, Ken Napzok, who comes up with something special every time there is a mic in his hand. Not only are KOrruption likely to stay together but, personally, I need them to stay together!

Anarchy Highlight: In their first match against Inky and the Brain, Chance gets up to spin the wheel. Having missed only one question so far, he is faced with chants of OVER-RATED! from the crowd. Chance responds by asking for more, inviting the pressure. Effortlessly, we understood his character, and I was won over immediately.

The Odd Couple (Jeff Sneider and Marc Andreyko, Manager: Roxy Striar)
2 Wins (1 TKO), 1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 70%

On the face of it, this could have been a problematic team. Andreyko and Sneider, former Lion’s Den members that had turned against one another, on the same team? However, from the moment that Sneider heard who his partner was, he was psyched, and as the tournament went on, Andreyko grew to enjoy playing with Sneider. Here’s what he said after the Odd Couple beat the Paddington 2: I feel like this was the best game I’ve ever played, as far as technique goes.

As odd as it may be, these two are in fact a perfect match. Andreyko was never a heel, but he’s always had some bite, something that flourishes when he plays with Sneider. As the former team champion noted, playing with a class act like Marc Andreyko brought out the best in him.

Going into the tournament, Sneider was coming off of the back of three losses (most notably his collapse against Bibbiani), yet as part of the Odd Couple, he was revived. He had the best lines of the tournament, with the likes of Class is in session… and you’re getting an F only beaten by the knockout blow that he dealt the Harris Brothers: Jon… Lon… who’s the third one, Moron? This tournament gave us the best Sneider that we’ve seen, maybe ever. In my opinion, playing on a team where he is the only heel gave the Insneider the freedom to flourish.

On top of this, the Odd Couple found themselves playing with a manager that was invested, and who improved their chances of winning. Striar did her research on their opponents, and it paid off.

When it comes to the question of whether or not this team would continue, you might think that it’s clear cut. After all, Andreyko spells it out: if we win we should stay a team and maybe even if not. Maybe I’m bringing him over into the Fyffe Club good side. The pair love playing together, and want to continue. Yet there’s one issue, which Andreyko highlights there: the Fyffe Club.

Sneider is a heel, and the Fyffe Club is a face faction. This is a potential block to the continuation of this team, and to a greater degree, to Roxy’s management of the Odd Couple. Andreyko won’t be leaving the Fyffe Club, and he can’t have two managers, so it’s hard to see space for Striar. However, I do see a space for Sneider. From a storyline perspective, it’d be a ton of fun to throw him like a grenade into the Fyffe Club and see what happens. Watching the faction try and fail to turn him face, while learning to love him all the same, could be a great arc for 2019. Here’s hoping!

Anarchy Highlight: Despite my overwhelming desire to give this one to any or all of Sneider’s Anarchy entrances, I have to go for the Odd Couple’s 5 point answer against the Paddington 2. They need to hit the question to avoid sending the match to Sudden Death, and spend all three of their JTE rules to maximise their time to consider the answer.

When Sneider answers Sam Mendes, it’s clear that he isn’t certain it’s the correct answer. As they are announced the winners, the pair hug in celebration, with Sneider exclaiming YES! in excitement. In this moment, it was clear that the pair could (and should) continue playing together with great success. At the same time, it represents a triumph in strategy that makes an experienced team like the Odd Couple so dangerous. An important moment in a big victory.


The Harris Brothers (Lon and Jon Harris)
3 Wins, 1 Defeat
Odds of Staying Together: 95%

After JTE’s exit from the tournament, many suspected that Lon would be denied the run that he might have otherwise have had. Enter Jon Harris and a run to the finals that took in impressive upset victories over Take the Cannoli and the Odd Couple, teams that featured former team champions.

On top of this, Jon was great to watch. Lon has always been one of the funniest characters in the Schmoedown, and rather than simply parrot his jokes, Jon brought a different energy to the team, often stealing the show with a well-timed joke.

That being said, the Harris Brothers didn’t have enough to get over the line, and fell to Who’s the Boss in the final. And, despite their surprising success, here’s a hot take for you: Jon is the wrong partner for Lon. Hear me out.

Lon is undoubtably one of the most knowledgeable Schmoedown competitors around. He’s scored multiple perfect rounds, and while it counts as a loss, his match against Ethan Erwin was one of the more impressive displays of the season. He is the star of the team.

Jon, on the other hand, is a good player. Much like Knost on Top 10, he is reliable support, likely to put up a 5 point first round (this is indeed the score that Jon got for the majority of his first rounds). He’s not a bad player, and would make great support on a lot of teams. However, he doesn’t compliment Lon’s game. He failed to answer any the round 1 questions that Lon missed, and I suspect that there aren’t many categories that are weaknesses for Lon but strengths for Jon.

This is a team that will continue. A run to the finals should put them in line to earn a #1 contender match soon, and they have a fun dynamic. However, I actually think that both players might have a better shot at winning belts with other players.

Anarchy Highlight: It might have come after their finals loss to Who’s the Boss, but for whatever reason, I have always most enjoyed the Professor when he loses. The same can be said of the Harris Brothers, who delighted by angrily spewing names that they felt should have been included in the match, and of whom I’ve never heard. Lon’s confusion when asked if Bateman is his Kryptonite is just wonderful.

Who’s the Boss (Ben Bateman and Mark Reilly, Manger: Finstock)
4 Wins, 0 Defeats
Odds of Staying Together: 100%

A team tipped to have a solid run from the start, Who’s the Boss was a team with its eye on the prize from the very beginning. Between Bateman and Reilly, there is a huge base of knowledge that makes this team a real threat in round 2, and more importantly, they know how to play the game.

On an episode of The Reilly Roundtable, the pair discussed strategy, and it became very clear that Bateman knew how to get the best out of the former singles champ. On occasion, Yodi has been inconsistent, but with Bateman at his side, he performed in every match.

Who’s the Boss were dominant in every match they played. They never had to go to their 5 point question, and their third round KO over the Harris Brothers saw them score the most points of any team in a five round match by the end of the third round: 27, compared to 26 for the Patriots and Shirewolves, and 25 for Above the Line. They were the dominant team of the tournament, and for my money might be the slight favourites in their title match against the Shirewolves, when it comes to their diversity of knowledge.

Of course, Who’s the Boss have come out of Anarchy with their team intact, and it seems likely they’ll continue to play together regardless of the result of the team title match next month. Revealing that it was Kalinowksi rather than Bateman that stole Reilly’s dog seems designed to allow the pair to continue to play together, and this has obvious story implications.

For one, team Action are no more, at least for now. Secondly, does a continuation of the team mean that Reilly has to turn heel? Well, it’d make sense, but even if he doesn’t it’s hard to see how he could remain in the Horsemen. Could it be that when Finstock warned Rocha that the fire that burns in your fireplace is the same fire that burns down your house, he was talking about Reilly?

If Yodi does turn, there would be an open spot in the Five Horsemen, while Ghai might be looking for a new home after losing his team partner. Ghai in the Horsemen would be quite something, and there have been hints that he may go face. That being said, this may all be one huge misdirect. If only there were some big event coming up where these storylines could come to a head…

Anarchy Highlight: Of course, the highlight for Who’s the Boss is the fact that they won the Anarchy tournament. Beyond that, however, nothing tops their post-game interview in their match against the Cinemaniacs, where, after Rocha has crashed the interview, the following exchange takes place:

Finstock: Who’s next for us? Rocha?
Sterger: Have you not been listening?
Finstock: I’m not playing the Dope. I don’t wanna play the Dope. I’ve beat the Dope. Rope-a-dope.

Who’s the Boss went on the play KOrruption.

And there we have it. Be on the lookout for a discussion of which new teams might form now that the Anarchy tournament is over. In the meantime, this has been a rather comprehensive breakdown, so here’s a list of the teams and their status, ranked based on their likeliness to break up or stick together.

And there we have it. Be on the lookout for a discussion of which new teams might form now that the Anarchy tournament is over. In the meantime, this has been a rather comprehensive breakdown, so here’s a list of the teams and their status, ranked based on their likeliness to break up or stick together…


Who’s the Boss
The Harris Brothers
The Paddington 2
Founding Fathers
Inky and the Brain
Take the Cannoli
War Machine
The Odd Couple
Self-Righteous Brothers

MOST LIKELY TO BREAK UP (Likeliest First):

Evil Geniuses
Franchise Force
Wait, I Know This
Crazy Eighty-Greats

What do you think? Where have I got this wrong? I’m especially interested in hearing your opinions on the “problem teams,” like the Odd Couple, the Self-Righteous Brothers and the Cinemaniacs. Drop your thoughts in the comments, and while you’re there, which Anarchy team has been your favourite? Who do you want to stick together?


  1. I would say both Self-Righteous Brothers and Cinemanics are not gonna stick together, therefore Critically Acclaimed still need each other.

  2. I think that who’s the boss would be good together long term, I also think the Odd Couple were great together and it seems like The Android was very keen to keep the group together. Others I think that will or should stay together is The Self-Rightous brothers, Founding Fathers, and Take The Cannoli!

  3. (First off, I wanted to say how much I love your blog and all the work you’ve done! I’ve been following you for awhile and I love reading your stuff!)

    At this point, I’d be equally happy if Witney stays with Bibbs or Mark, I just want more Witney!

    Even though they weren’t the strongest team, I LOVED Stacy, Winston, and Coy’s chemistry and I’m with you, I’m dying for Coy to manage more. I’m interested in seeing who Stacy is aligned with during the singles tournament, but if she were to ever go face, I think she, Coy, and World’s Finest would make an awesome face faction. Additionally, if she did leave, Jay at least has another strong competitor in Ethan to focus on so that he’s not left with fewer players to manage, which is a dynamic I can’t wait to see play out in the tournament.

    Regarding Who’s the Boss/the Horsemen/Ghai, I can’t tell you how much I’d love to see that story play out. Personally, I actually think (and hope) Top 10 reforms as a team, but in the face of Who’s the Boss, I definitely would love to see Ghai form an alliance with the Horsemen to try to take them down. I’m with you in that I doubt he’d turn face (and I don’t want him to…at least not under this storyline), but with a common enemy, I can see them working together begrudgingly while Who’s the Boss is still around as a dominant team. My hope is that Top 10 reforms and that Dan and Ghai form a team and both go after Who’s the Boss next season. It’d be icing on the cake if the singles tournament finals are Ben and Dan so we can see where Reilly’s loyalties lie, though we’ll have to wait and see on that.

  4. Very well written article. While I see your point about the Harris Bros’s weakness for being too similar to each other, I really do want to see them continue as a team just for the shear entertainment value of the before an after interviews. I would love to see this shtick of theirs continue.

  5. Maybe since Critically Acclaimed is getting the #1 Contender match, they could do Freebird rules with Marc H. Either way I think we’ll see more of Marc Heuck.

  6. Very comprehensive and much appreciated rundown. One thing regarding Take the Cannoli that I don’t think can be stated emphatically enough: Markeia did a flat-out spectacular job, perhaps the manager of the tournament for me (though Ken and Finstock certainly were highly entertaining as well). Fingers crossed that Brienne and Drew stay together, and that Markeia defects from the Vyper’s Den to stay with them.

  7. Odd Couple are the one I most want to stay together. A tweener Sneider could work well within the Fyffe Club, but overall I really like him and Andreyko together so here’s to hoping it works out.


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