A NEW HOPE: Patreon Member Andrew Dimalanta Joins the Star Wars League!


Hello Schmoedown galaxy, Harloff here and I am very excited.

When we began the Patreon adventure at the start of the year, I really wanted to offer fun and exciting tiers that other shows didn’t offer or simply couldn’t. One of the things I thought could be very interesting and a way for the league to grow was to create an audition tier. I cannot tell you how many comments I have seen throughout the years from fans who say “I can do this!” or “Man that was easy, I would have got that!” I wanted to give fans a shot to show that they had the knowledge to hang and become a future Schmoedown star.

The audition tier was born and I am grateful for it. I have met many passionate fans through this tier and was delighted when I had a chance to meet Matt Cruz.

Cruz was a fan that auditioned and had a lot of personality. I invited him to start hanging out at the studio and to watch the matches and get himself familiar with the competitors and the vibe. He did just that and earlier this year, he battled Rosie Knight and became the first patron to go from an audition to getting a match in the Schmoedown arena. He didn’t come up with the victory but he paved the way for future patron competitors and showed that it was possible.

Not everyone can do this, I have been screaming this for a while that this is as much a show as much as it is a trivia contest. I met some fans who thought they were ready and understandably, they were nervous once the Skype audition began. They didn’t have the words and then the trivia just didn’t come to them. We are blessed that there are so many passionate fans out there. There are many fan leagues that have been seeing as farm systems. I mean this is where we found Chance Ellison. The patrons that haven’t made it to the dance have been working hard in the fan leagues and I believe we will see a few of them eventually.

But this all leads me to this past Friday. I had three auditions with three passionate fans in each of the divisions. I really enjoyed speaking with all three and found personalties in all three. However, only one of them was easy for the big leagues in my opinion. The others will work hard in the fan leagues and I would love to give them another shot down the line.

I met a young father in Florida who wanted to audition for the Star Wars division. He said he was a fan and made his wife watch one day (she was reluctant) but he turned her into an uber fan as well. His name is Andrew Dimalanta and he truly understood what the Schmoedown is. He explained to me how he explains it to his friends and family. He told me how he plays along, studies the characters and is emotionally invested. This was the total package right? Now could he play?

The Star Wars division has been polarizing this year. Damon, Napzok, Scrimshaw and Witwer are the elite. It is very hard to find people who are in their same knowledge bracket. I believe this kid is.

He got 9 out of the first 11 questions I asked in the first round. He hit most of the round 2 categories I threw at him without multiple choice. He hit his 2 and 3 pointer but missed the 5 pointer. I gave him another 5 pointer and he hit that. I was impressed.

Now I think it is going to take Pablo Hidalgo or Dave Filoni to dethrone Damon. I have known Ken for a long time and he knows A LOT but he is going to have to really crack down in order to wrestle that title away from Alex at the Spectacular. Witwer is the money match but who the hell knows when he will be available so we need more talent. People had suggested shutting down the division and to that I say no thanks.

One of the main things I want to do in Season 6, if I get my budget is to find and build talent. Like any organization whether it is the UFC, WWE, NBA you have to find those next stars. This is why I hope that a lot of the fans who watch every episode think that the show is worth 12.00 a year. Because if I am able to do what my plan allows me to do next season, we will find a lot of new people like Andrew Dimalanta and this thing will become what we all know it can be.

Thanks all,



  1. Thats awesome!! A fan hanging out in the big leagues. He must’ve worked hard to get there. There was something towards the end that was mentioned, about the season being worth 12 $/season, does that mean all matches will be patreon only? I honestly believe that the season is worth that, but wouldn’t it limit audience growth? Thanks!!

  2. This is fantastic information. I’ve been considering becoming a Patreon and have been looking for ways to audition. This kills two birds with one stone.

  3. I can’t wait to see how the Star Wars league, and the Schmoedown in general, grows next year. Can’t wait to see what Andrew can do in a match.

  4. WELCOME, Andrew Dimalanta to the awesome world of the Movie Trivia #Schmoedown ! Congrats on being chosen to be a participant in the #StarWars Division! I, and many others are looking forward to you popping your cherry in the toughest league of em all, the Star Wars League! (it’s the toughest I believe because while general movie trivia, and the #Innergeekdom are still hard, there have been so many questions asked so far in the SW div., that while some may be fairly easy, there are a ton of deep cuts being asked more and more!)

  5. Congrats to Andrew and good luck. The Star Wars league is brutal but I’m glad to see a new competitor…for Ken to stomp! Alex is alright but Ken will get the belt back, no doubt.

  6. Alright!! I know the world is full of people that can compete in the Star Wars Division, and I am glad that another one has been found!! Congratulations, Andrew, good luck!

  7. This is great. The star wars division is my favorite and is arguably what got me HOOKED on the Schmoedown. I feel any of the top 4 competitors can be champs in the league at any given time, so its gonna take alot for this kid to be in that conversation, but i believe it can be done. Personally im just excited that the Star Wars league is here to stay.


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