TITLE MATCH! William Bibbiani VS John Rocha – Movie Trivia Schmoedown


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On today’s episode of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, IIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT’SSSSS TIMMMMEEEE!!! “The Outlaw” John Rocha challenges William “The Beast” Bibbiani for the Schmoedown Singles Championship. The Beast is riding high after his 2018 run through the Free 4 All and his victories over former tag team champion Jeff Sneider and The Android Marc Andreyko that led to him becoming the Schmoedown Singles Champion. He’s completely changed his approach to the game and as a result he has found incredible success. But now, The Outlaw has come calling for the belt after over a year and a half of pursuing it. He’s had his ups and downs in this league as well this year and after dispatching both members of Team Action, he now has an opportunity to win back what he lost to his Horsemen stablemate. If you know anything about The Outlaw, you know he’ll be ready and he’ll be focused, but will what happened in the tag team match against Team KO affect his preparation or mindset going into this match? Will the Collider Live appearance between both of these competitors come back to bite them in the match? Will The Beast defend his belt and start a new reign as an unbeatable champion? Or will The Outlaw win a record third belt in the league and become the first competitor to ever win 11 matches? We’ll have the answers to all of these questions in today’s match! This is going to be a title match for the ages between these two. You know there will be some great and tense back and forth in this match and some great fan interaction. See which team will be left standing at the end and move on to the semifinals of the competition.

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